KDator Car Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Alarm Warning System with 4pcs External Sensor By Bluetooth 4.0 For Iphone IOS Android Mobile Phone APP VC601-B

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APP Program Feature
1. Quick leak alarming: when pressure leaks over 5kpa within 5 seconds, it will start up quick leak alarming and appear a “leak” icon
2. Slow leak alarming: when tire pressure is lower than the limited pressure, it will start up slow leak alarming and appear a “low pressure” icon
3. High pressure alarming: when pressure is over the limited tire pressure, it will start up high pressure alarming.
4. Low pressure alarming: when pressure is lower than the limited tire pressure, it will start up low pressure alarming
5. High temperature alarming: When tire temperature is over the limited temperature, it will start up high temperature alarming
6. No signal alarming: when cannot receive signal in a certain period of time, it will start up no signal alarming.
7. Low battery power alarming: When battery is lower than the setting data, it will start up low battery power alarming

Working voltage: 3V
Working current: 100μA
Sleeping current: Less than 2.2μA
Bluetooth working frequency:2.4GHz
Response time: Less than 5S
Tire pressure detection range: 100-1300 kPa (1-13 Bar)
Tire pressure detection accuracy: ± 10kPa (0.1 Bar)
Tire temperature detection accuracy:± 3℃
Operating temperature:-30℃ ~ +80℃
Storage temperature:-30℃ ~ +85℃
Battery capacity:140mAh
Battery life:3-5 years1. KEEP YOUR CAR HEALTHY: Dynamically monitor tire pressure, can prevent puncture and damage of car parts caused by the flat tire. Improve fuel efficiency, prolong tire life, increase traffic safety and avoid abnormal wear of vehicle parts
2. CHECKING THE CAR WITH APP: You just need to install 4 TPMS sensors on Tires and they will send the temperature and pressure signal to mobile phone through Bluetooth. You can view real-time temperature and pressure through the APP you installed on Andriod and IOS device. APP will alarm when temperature and pressure of tires are abnormal
3. MULTI FUNCTION: Support audio and vibrative warning, support air quick leak alarm, air slow leak alarm, high tire pressure, low tire pressure, high temperature alarm, low battery alarm and no signal alarm
4. WIDE COMPATIBLE: Simultaneously display tire pressure and tire temperature on your phone. Compatible with iPhone 4S and above, Android 4.3 and above (with Bluetooth 4.0). APP: BLE TPMS. The tire pressure and temperature alarm standard level can be set. Centigrade and Fahrenheit unit for selection
5.INTERNAL SENSOR: Come with 4 Internal sensors (anti-theft, more security), built-in 330mAh lithium-ion battery, designed for most 4-tire cars, no need to change your car circuit

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